30 Apr 2007

Day 13 (I think) - Motivation returns!

Hello dear reader,

Thought I had dissapeared? No such luck mate...

Weight - 265Lbs
Exercise - went spastic on Satuday and cut half a tree to bits but let the side down Sunday and had a BBQ....red wine (ouch!)

Anyway, its like syncronicity or something (look it up yourself!) - every time I turn a television on there is some house sized human being barking at me to lose weight and generally sort my life out! Yesterday it was Steve Daly , a US Comic of ...well comic proportions. He was in the UK to seemingly state the bleeding obvious - we are fat and getting fatter and soon we will all die from slob related illnesses. Blah Blah Blah........

Not sure that there was much point to the programme other than informing me that Bolton is the fattest town in the UK. Nice!

Info on the show here if you're slightly interested

Well the weekend is over and the fat tardis appears to have been in operation as I appear to weigh what I did about a week ago mmmm...nothing to do with the burgers and red wine then...

I am in 'sorting my shit mood' - so back on the bike tonight and EVERY night from now on - I aim to be 256 Ilbs by next monday. I need to get to my first stone off to get a sense of achievement going.



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