20 Apr 2007

DAY 3 - falling off me!

Weight - 266.6 Ilbs.

Another loss - albeit only 0.8 pounds. ...

I need to get creative with the diet as Branflakes and fruit have certain side affects more at home in the farmyard if you know what I mean.... I think I need to drink more as well as I have a fairly constant minor headache (probably the 'wine withdrawal'!)..

I am fairly mistrustful of modern pre-packaged foods. The salt and fat content in the most seemingly healthy products can be staggering. This weekend I am going to work out a low calorie diet that gives a bit of variety and interest to an already boring task!

I will also be following Doctor Ali's weight loss programme. This is a great book that I have used before to lose weight. This is my bible and here beginneth the lesson!

Over the weekend, I will add some links to weight loss resources etc and sort some recipes out for my weight loss program.

The man speaks sense!