23 Apr 2007

Day 5/6 - A game of 2 halves...

Day 5 - Weight 267.2 lbs!!

Exercise - Ran half way down the drive and back (dont laugh, it is a long drive) - result - completetly shagged and needed a pee on return. Realised I'm as fit as a dead fish.....

Weighin in this morning and Bugger! The Claret has finally caught up with me. Clearly the wine has got to go...this is a tragedy of near Greek proportions and I am not sure I will be able to cope. The loss of my beloved salt was bad enough!

Managed to survive on more Branflakes ('scuse me...) for breakfast and a National Trust sandwich for lunch (for the price, I though they included the cost of the boat to catch the bloody Tuna in the first place but tasty it was..) and finally cooked a chicken and bacon Ceasar salad in the evening.

A small increase but an increase nevertheless.


Day 6 - Weight 265.6 lbs!!

Exercise - walked for England.

Praise be - the forced marching has worked! I have dragged my family all over the county in the last couple of days in an effort to get the graph going in the right direction. I even mowed the lawn for the second weekend running - this is unheard of and should be seen as an great omen for the future for those doubters out there (you know who you are!).

Managed to dodge the exercise bike again though - slipped past when it wasn't looking. It'll never take me alive I tell you!! Never!!