25 Apr 2007

Day 8 - back on track.

Weight - 265.2 lbs.

Exercise - 8 minutes on the torture machine.

I know I said 15 minutes but I started to go blue after eight and without an ambulance on standby I felt it prudent to stop the torture - I didn't want to do a Tommy Simpson....

Anyway, yesterday was fairly controlled in a calorific way - during the day, cereal and fruit between meals - the choice of food at work is not helping my cause but we all have out hot cross bun to bear as they say.. loads of carbs and veg for lunch and cereal again when I got home.

The increase in water consumption is having a predictable and fairly irritating side effect - by 10 a.m. I am in full-on porcelain mode and shuttling between desk and urinal...hope this calms down soon!

Definitely must do 15 minutes on the bike tonight and henceforth until the milk providers return to their place of origin.


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