26 Apr 2007

Day 9 - I'm drowning!

Weight - 264.2 lbs.

Exercise - 10 minutes on the medieval torture instrument (bought to you by Carl Lewis).

Yesterday seems so long ago! Sorry for the late posting today but I spent much of the day in the toilet. One whole Pound!!!
I know it's REALLY good for you to drink lots of water but it is getting really boring now.
Incongruously, I seem to be 'expending' more water than I am ingesting (sneaky bloody French probably)!

How does that work though - is my bladder in the fifth dimension or something? I drink about a 1.5 litres in 3 hours with no effect and them WHAMMO! Multiple dives to the bog to put the next fire out - like a proverbial race horse no less!

Somehow agreed to take my bike into work...Christ I must be mad!