16 May 2007

Back in the saddle!

Weight - 256.0 Lbs
Exercise - 10 minutes on the 'tread-iron'.

Amazingly with a bit of positive thought and a bit of sweat on the bike last night I have recovered the loss of yesterday. Little steps....

Looking at other blogs about weight loss, there are so many people that have had far bigger mountains to climb than me and also just as many that fade away to secret success or failure.

Both types are an inspiration to me in different ways. I want to emulate the ones that are achieving great things through extreme 'natural' weight loss (i.e. without surgical intervention) and I want to show the ones that faltered that it IS possible and provide some inspiration to 'get back in the saddle'.

I feel in a much better mood today (though I haven't got to work yet...) so my challenge this week is to keep up the exercise and push myself that much more to lose some more weight.

My target weight for next Monday is 250 Lbs. Time for determination.