2 May 2007

Day 14-15 Going round in circles

Weight - 264.2 Lbs

Exercise - 10 or so minutes Monday night on the bike of terror.

I am really struggling with the exercise side of this - I realise I need to get some more of the weight off before I can really go for the exercising in a big way. I might give drowning (er.. I mean swimming...) a go as well! Nothing like getting your man boobs out in public to build your self esteem!

I am a great believer in Dr Ali (see posts passim) - he is rather quaintly called 'an integrated health expert' - whilst I am not entirely sure what this amounts to, I have read his book and think he makes a lot of sense.

His premise is that we are different and importantly, we get fat for different reasons. I appear to be fat because I eat more than I exercise . By the way, isn't eating a form of exercise? Not very efficient I will grant you, but more exercise than throwing yourself off a cliff...).

Anyway back to the plot..

Dr Ali espouses a combination of Diet (including fasting), yoga and massage.

So far I have tackled the diet, I have removed high fat, salt (nearly - I KNOW) , bread and potatoes. So the next stage for me is fasting (more of that later on).

As for the rest of it, I definitely like the sound of massage ( easy tiger!) - I mean the non-fruity neck and shoulder tension reduction type - strictly no extras required! The Doc puts a great deal of emphasis on the ability of the neck particularly to influence well being and weight loss. I will let you know how I get on.

So far, I am torturing myself with tedious food all for the measly reduction of around 6 lbs - it has GOT to get better than this.

More later - me neck is KILLING me!