3 May 2007

Day 16 - Still chipping away (ooooh chips mmmm..)

Weight - 263.2 Lbs
Exercise - nothing due to back and neck ache (honest!)

Didn't eat much yesterday - feeling a bit shot to bits as a consequnece. I have been thinking more about the fasting and think this is the way to go. I am going to start with a 3 day fast starting on Sunday and will see how it goes. If all is OK and I don't end up in A&E, I may try it every month or so....

I will be following the guidelines in Dr Alis book. When I get a minute I will post the fasting schedule and the stuff I will be mostly consuming. It is made up of herbal teas etc with a slow introduction of fruit/steamed vegetables and such like. Sounds great...

I am hoping this will kick start the weight loss a bit more and give me the motivation to carry on.