19 May 2007

Day 31 - Its good to be alive!

Weight - 255.2 Lbs

Exercise - another 2.2 miles on the gerbil wheel.

I don't know why but I feel really confident that I'm going to lose some weight today.

I think it may be the triumph over adversity that I have achieved today.. I managed to survive the 'holy trinity' of modern stress inducers ......

1. Visiting a large children's department store on a weekend (In this case, Toys 'r' Us AND for afters, Mothercare!).

2. Assembling large poorly manufactured garden toy ware in a force 5 wind ("I want to play on my slide daddy NOW!" - this was not a request...) and finally,

3. Watching the FA Cup Final whilst being assaulted by a psychotic 3.75 year old (see below - yes he looks angelic there but you just wait...whoa! ) whose energy knows no earthly bounds...

Surviving this ordeal leads me to believe that I can survive/achieve anything!

So here he is, my inspiration / my nemesis (depends how the day is going!) .....Oliver.