23 May 2007

Dharamsala or Bust...

Hello there dear reader,

As the more observant amongst you (i.e those that got past the first sentence about asthmatic pie worriers above before falling asleep...) will know, that as part of my program of weight loss and fitness, I intend to focus my energies on a physical challenge in 2008.

I will be raising money for an Asthma Charity in the UK, I have had Asthma since a small child and have blamed it for over the years for both my woeful fitness levels and excess weight. It has caused neither - quite the reverse, I am fairly sure that the only reason I still need Asthma medication at all is that I am overweight (my excess weight is nearly all carried in the trunk/torso) and not using my lungs anywhere near hard enough....

This is all about to change. Part of why I am compiling this blog is to show Asthma sufferers (particularly young ones) that it doesn't need to be a debilitating condition - for many of us, it is possible to rise above it and achieve high levels of physical activity.

Just as I write this post It occurs to me that I have not used my Salbutomol medication this week - this is remarkable! The loss of 18Lbs and a low fat diet has obviously made a huge difference to how my body is working.

I have decided that I will focus my weight loss and fitness activities around a charitable trek to India to see the Dalai Lama. This trek is based around Dharamsala and includes the chance to hopefully meet HH the Dalai Lama in a public meeting and visit the Taj Mahal!.

This is due to take place in September 2008, so I have plenty of time....at the moment....


Celeste said...

My grandddaughter has asthma not due to allergies. She takes Advair daily and has not had to resort to recue inhaler for awhile now. Hubby has it also.He needs tolose because whenever he does he uses his inhalerless often. You are so right about the weight and lungs connection(respiratory was my fieldof work)

Jojo said...

Good, good, good for you! I too suffer fromm asthma, exercise enduced. yet, i smoke for years and years. I have had to take very little meds since I quit smoking 4 months ago.
Why do we as people continue to poison our bodies with transfats, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes?

karoline in the morning said...

hello there, congratulations on your epiphany! i sincerely hope your dreams and goals come true.

as a mother to an asthmatic 11 year old, i learned from the doctors, that because he is an incredible athlete (he played on two hockey teams last winter) that his lungs have a greater capacity than his neighbour buddy, who does not participate in any sports and does not have asthma.

this was an eye opening revelation for me. he's on singular in the evening, pulmacort twice daily and has a rescue inhaler if he needs it. we just readjusted his meds and he's doing fine, although he cannot wait until hockey season.

you are doing a wonderful service, not only to yourself, but to asthmatics everywhere..

best of luck!