16 May 2007

Going nowhere is GREAT motivation for exercise!

I have just stumbled upon a great motivator for exercise. Going Nowhere is a website/blog where fellow travellers can record their efforts to rack-up 500 miles on a fitness contraption whilst getting precisely 'nowhere'.

I have vowed to accumulate 500 miles on the static torture device by the end of the year. By the powers of my mathematical 'genius' I estimate that to be 500 miles in 32 weeks or put more worryingly 15 .5 miles a week or worst still... over 2 miles A DAY....EVERY DAY!

From now, each update post will now show a daily and cumulative mileage for excercise.


642-812 said...

I will be there after it.

70-270 said...

"500 miles in 32 weeks" not a tough job, I think so.

220-602 said...

Simply want to say that this blog is fantastic one to read about.