8 May 2007

Going...going FAST!

Weight - 257.2 Lbs
Exercise - got out of breath weighing up a situation...

Well - final day of the fast and another 2 pounds gone. Still feel great and drinking Lime and Honey water like it's truly going out of fashion....

Fruit for breakfast, salad and veg for lunch and rice and lentils for tea. Better warn the coastguard - IT'S COMING!!!!

So far I have averaged a 2 pound loss per day through this 3 day fast so I am looking at a 6 pound loss overall. I am obviously quite happy with this and see this as an ongoing part of the diet for the rest of the year. I plan to do veg and honey/lime water once a week and the full fast once a month.

Warning - fasting isn't for everybody and can have side effects. Don't blame me if you try it - speak to a Doctor if you want info and advice.

Once the fast is over it is important to not overdo it with protein etc, so tomorrow I will be reintroducing protein into my diet in this order : Fish, Eggs, Chicken and finally Red Meat. This will be eaten with salads and/or fresh steamed vegetables.

Now that I have done all this hard work I will be keeping it up by eating low fat and moderate carbs with lots of fluid during the day. Portion control is key to the future and I will be having roughly half the protein I would normally consider appropriate (no more lardy stakes etc).

I am on track for stage one which is to loose a stone in a month. My next target is 240 Pounds by 1st July. I know at the moment I am not exercising anywhere near enough but I am happy to keep losing the weight - if it slows down or plateaus, I will need to up the exercise drastically..