19 May 2007

Keeping positive!

Good evening dear reader and I hope you are keeping well,

I have just been watching a TV interview with Stephen Fry (and George Michael), and he said something quite profound (in my humble opinion) about his life that I think should resonate with us all - certainly those of us who are struggling with mental and physical hurdles in our lives.

He said their lives were in reality a picnic - sometimes there are wasps, and dog tu*ds on the grass and occasionally it rains but still for the most part they are a picnic.

How many of us can honestly say are lives are not picnics - for sure some of us have a lot more wasps and dog tu*ds and the rain may last alot longer but if we look hard enough we all have something to be happy about. Don't we?

And no, I haven't been drinking....

So, ignore the wasps and try and dodge the tu*ds - keep smiling and have a great picnic!


Anonymous said...

That's a good analogy. I like it. However, in Texas those picnics are have a lot of fire ants! Again, we just have to keep smiling. Thanks for sharing.