6 May 2007

Life in the FAST lane - Day #1 Update

As day one of the fast draws to the close, other than stinking of Cinnamon and cloves, I feel fine. The hunger pangs came mid-morning and late evening. Each time I meet this crisis with a glass of my new most favourite drink (honey and lime water) and they subsided. The fasting tea is less palatable (I'll try it hot tomorrow and see if that perks it up).

Watching my wife eat a huge plate of trout and fresh veg was surprisingly easy... until she told me she was full and couldn't eat the rest (how VERY dare she!).

Anyway dear reader, only a few hours to go until breakfast (only now do I truly understand what it means to break the fast). I don't think I have ever needed a banana more than this (Ooh Matron!).

So in summary, no lightheadedness, no headaches to speak of and the hunger pangs have been controllable. In fact no visible side effects - so here's a picture of me to just show you how good I'm feeling.....

The tail of the tape tomorrow AM to see how many pounds I have shed...stay tuned.