17 May 2007

My Waterloo...

Oh the shame of it...Beef Wellington!

I resisted the beer, the bread, the garlic mushrooms and then fell spellbound by the bloody Wellington (beef not boot that is...) .

Today is the twelve anniversary of the first date I had with my lovely wife (she wasn't my wife than but you know what I mean...).

A great evening was had in a lovely little village pub eating and chatting away about nothing at all (we did get on to bowel movements at one point - you have to be married for nearly 10 years to cope with that...).

I have not done my exercise tonight - double buggeration! Tomorrow will feel like the Tour De France now.... however, no-one said it would be easy. If t'was the beloved girl scouts would be doing it for me!

Whilst we were eating, it occurred to me that 12 years ago tonight I nearly got arrested for speeding right after our first date - it was a memorable evening for all concerned as the officer that stopped us (a 30 year veteran by the look of him in an unmarked car) was accompanied by a young pup (clearly straight out of police school) - the youngster got very excited and asked all the right questions in proper police-speak. Sadly for him, due to the 'first-date euphoria' of the evening I had a spontaneous attack of the 'stand-up comics' and couldn't help myself from answering all his relevant questions in as silly a manner as possible.

Q - Is this your car sir?
A - I bloody well hope so, I am paying enough for it!

Q - Have you been drinking sir?
A - Are you mad, look at the state of the woman!

Q - I could smell alcohol when I approached the vehicle...
A - Not surprised, she's legless again, what can you do!

yada, yada, yada...

At this point the Sergeant started to giggle and retreated to his unmarked patrol car. It soon became apparent why as a few minutes later a marked Police area traffic car slowly cruised past us, with both occupants laughing uncontrollably at the 'pup'. Impressed he was most certainly was not!

Much to the annoyance of 'Junior Columbo' I then chatted amiably with the Sergeant about the lousy speed limit signs in the area and what he thought of the latest Ford Mondeo (he was driving one, t'was why). At this point, a red faced and clearly agitated 'pup' returned to the car having lost any chance of his first proper 'collar' and I shook hands with the Sergeant and carried along on my way! So much has happened in 12 years.... I feel like a different person (well 2 people in fact...)

Thankfully we got home with no such excitement this time!

Weigh in tomorrow - cripes WHAT HAVE I DONE!


Paul Champagne said...

You can't be faulted for eating the Beef Wellington ... you are a human being after all, not some damned robot. If you snore extra hard tonight you should burn off some extra calories.

Anonymous said...

If you don't get to eat what you want every now and then, you won't be able to stick with the diet. Don't beat yourself up, but get right back on the diet train. Keep up the good work! Funny story.