18 May 2007



Starting Weight - 270 Lbs

Weight today - 256 Lbs

Starting BMI - 38.7

BMI today - 36.7

Number of posts - 38

Well, another milestone, 1 month since this project began. There are clear and discernible peaks and troughs at the moment both mentally and physically. I feel positive that I went to a restaurant last night and eat what I wanted but I ate responsibly and didn't over eat - importantly I didn't feel that I deprived myself. Boiled potatoes rather than chips, no puddings, juice instead of beer etc. It all felt fairly easy and natural to make those decisions. This may be the biggest milestone of all - thinking about what I am eating and why...

The positives (yeah!).

1. I have lost around a stone in weight without really trying that hard.

2. I have started a basic exercise program that I can fit into my life easily.

3. I feel and sleep better than ever before.

The negatives (boo!)

1. My weight has plateaued.

2. The exercise may not be enough to really promote weight loss (I'm lazy).

3. Can I really keep up this discipline for the rest of my life.....

Anyway through some fluke, I have managed to lose 0.2 Lbs today after eating Beef Wellington last night - quick...ring OPRAH, the Beef Wellington Diet - I feel a book coming on!!!



Bonita Gordita said...

LOL!!! Remember me when you are dirty famous from Le Diet BW. Don't let Oprah push you around ;)

Thanks for stopping by the other day and your motivating words. Keep on keeping on, Fatbloke.