21 May 2007

Post weekend update....

Weight - 252.6 Lbs
Exercise - Dodged the bike all weekend...shameful.

I seem to be over the recent plateau and weight is starting to come off again. I struggled with the organized exercise (the dreaded bike of doom...) but substituted a load of walking and running around with the dog and the son and heir.

I spent most of Sunday tearing around Waddesdon Manor (see below some of my photographs from a previous visit).

It is usually very difficult to eat out low fat in the UK but National Trust properties (and in particular Waddesdon) usually have a good range of 'proper' food. I had a fantastic Caesar Salad and a bottle of spring water.

I am continuing to think carefully about what I eat (and just as crucially how much) and not make exceptions due to pressure or laziness. As every day passes I am finding it easier and I do not feel 'traumatised' in any way by 'denying' myself high fat foods and alcohol.

I have changed my mindset about portions to such an extent that when my wife asked me an opinion on the size of a Sea Bass fillet, she declared me 'weird' when I expressed satisfaction (it was about half the size and would have been normally accepted as enough to stave off death from malnutrition!).

Next goal is a total of 27Lbs loss ( around 10 lbs to go) - this is 10% of my starting body weight and nearly halfway to my goal of a 70 Lbs weight loss by Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Portion control is rather hard to get into. It's not about eating until you're full. It's about eating until satisfied. For me, since I've been working for so long my stomach naturally is satisfied with just five crackers where some may need 10 to get there. It just depends on what level you're willing to drop down to.

That Caesar Salad sounds really good right now though... :yum:

Anonymous said...

Here in the states, it's hard to eat low fat, only because of that portion size. Any restaurant serves up a plate that would easily feed two people. One of the tricks I play on myself is to immediately ask for a "to go" box (it's not considered bad taste to do that here) and put half of my food in it before I even start eating. That helps keep me from getting carried away.
Keep up the good work.
[Rah! Rah! Rah!---I'm cheerleading!]

FatBlokeThin said...

Hey Shelly, nice to hear from you!

Uk portions are generally smaller than US ones most of the time, it's the hidden fats that are a killer here - sauces, creams, cheese inside everything!

Thanks for the encouragement, its appreciated. It has really opened my eyes to the amont of people struggling with weight out there - no one neds to be alone anymore and thanks to you, I leave comments everywhere!

Have a GOOD DAY!