17 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen #001

Thirteen Things about FATBLOKEGETSFIT

1. I don't like thirteeen, curious as I am about to create a list of 13 things about myself...
2. I once knocked George Melly over at the Albert Hall in London.
3. My favourite potato crisps are Walkers Salt and Vinegar.
4. I pretend I don't mind flying in aeroplanes but actually I am sh*t scared when they take off.
5. My favourite author is John Irving.
6. I went to Canada once, didn't like it.
7. I once swallowed a boiled egg whole and nearly choked - my sister nearly let me choke as she was laughing so much..
8. I once asked a cop at Yankee stadium, where the yellow cabs were? Oh how we laughed!
9. I have eaten horse meat and liked it (my wife now hates me).
10. I want to be a Buddhist when I grow up but I can't give up meat.
11. This is my fist list, be gentle with me....the last episode of M*A*S*H made me cry!
12. I am trying really hard not to be annoyed by everything and be a Good Human Being.
13. I love my son more than anything else in the world (even red wine and cheese straws). He is my inspiration. Ahhhhhh...bless!

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Anonymous said...

Well, for a first time, you did pretty darn well! Good list. Are you going around checking out other sites & commenting so people will come visit you? Where is your profile. I don't want to call you Fat Bloke, because you aren't going to be. Good luck. I'll come back and cheer for you. I confess I don't know who George Melly is. Is that Brit humor?

Deborah said...

Nice first list!

I'm with you on #4 and #12.