30 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #003

Thirteen things I need to change about myself.

1. My weight - I need to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it.

2. My physical fitness - I need to become stronger to achieve tough physical goals.

3. My mental fitness - develop my understanding of Buddhism and implement it in my life.

4. My relationships - work harder to demonstrate the love that I feel for my wife.

5. My debt - find ways to reduce and remove my debt.

6. My job - find a more rewarding way of making a living.

7. My charitable efforts - demonstrate my instincts by creating a charity and developing it.

8. My son - strengthen my bond with my son through interaction and shared pursuits.

9. My family - strengthen my bond with my parents and sister through actions.

10. My focus - to concentrate more closely on non-materialistic things in life.

11. My character - show care, compassion and consideration to others.

12. My blog - use my experience to offer help and encouragement to others that may need it.

13. My future - put 1-12 in place to ensure it is a positive one....

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Unknown said...


Di said...

Wow...that sounds like a lot to focus on! To give you a little inspiration...my couch potato husband decided he needed to lose weight and get fit earlier this year. He got a book called the Non-Runner's Guide to Marathon Training (or something like that). I think that was in February. He is running in the Rock & Roll Marathon in San Diego this Sunday and has lost about 35 pounds and has gone from pushing a size 40 pants to almost back in a 34!

Good luck with all of your goals.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals!

Happy TT!

Chris said...

Impressive list - good luck with your goals!

Unknown said...

what a nice list of goals

Anonymous said...

Good for you on getting your own domain. And for the lofty goals you've listed. Offering help and encouragement for others will be a blessing that comes back to you!

Laura Brown said...

Good luck with all of those.