14 May 2007

A weekend of two halves...

Weight - 256.0 Lbs
Exercise - went out of my weigh to avoid it!

Well, Friday night turned into wine night and then sadly Saturday night turned into wine night as well (in my defence, no-one should be expected to put up with Eurovision sober...that meets my definition of cruel and unusual punishment!). Judging by who won, I wasn't the only one drunk that night....

Anyway, despite the liquid lapses, I managed to maintain my weight from last week following a concerted effort on Sunday to eat healthily and exercises a bit (dog walking in the rain...perfect!).
I am eating fish, veg and salad this week and I will be doing a one day liquid fast tomorrow to make up for the excess over the weekend.

I am pretty sure I have started to reach the fast plateau in weight loss (this is the amount that can be easily lost through diet alone (and much of it is the reduction in retained water).

I know that this will only be overcome with increased exercise - so the bike it getting it tonight!


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