11 May 2007


Hello, is there anybody out there?

If you are reading this, it is more than likely that you have weight to lose, maybe loads, maybe a bit. Whatever it is, welcome one and all.

I probably should have written this twenty some-odd days ago when I started this blog but anyway, here it is the Weight Loss Guide according to me!

Since beginning my weight loss journey (is it me or does that sound slightly pretentious???) I have looked at lots of websites and blogs about weight loss. Most are either boring lists of calorie intakes and reps at the gym (yawn) or blatant attempts to flog you some old diet related 'tat' that you are not interested in.!

Well I hope this blog is neither! I will always try and make it informative, humorous and there will definitely......................... NEVER BE ANY ADVERTS!

So, this then is my weight loss philosophy :-

1) Personal responsibility

The first thing I had to overcome was my notion that I wasn't really THAT fat and anyway it's not really my fault - those nasty, nasty fast food companies and supermarkets have made me like this! Really!

WRONG. Nobody made me get fat. I made myself fat through eating too many high fat foods. It really is as simple as that.

The sooner we accept that nobody has force fed us (unless you have a really unpleasant partner or you're on hunger strike in jail, but if you were on hunger strike you would be thin so you wouldn't be reading this....) well anyway, you get the idea!

Simply put, the quicker you accept responsibility for your situation, the quicker you will be able to start to lose the weight you want to lose.

2) Understand why you are fat

We are all fat for different reasons, there are many factors that cause us to gain weight. The most obvious and definitely the most prevalent is simply eating too much and exercising too little. This is clearly not always the case as hormonal, psychological and genetic factors can sometimes affect our weight and these factors must be explored to fully understand how you have got where you are.

You should always seek medical advise before going on a diet.

I used a great book by Dr Ali to understand the reasons for my excess weight. We are not related before you ask!

If there are underlying psychological reasons that you are fat, these problems MUST be addressed before you start to successfully lose weight. You cannot underestimate the power of positive thought to over come obstacles that appear in your way. Simply, if you eat because you are bored, get a hobby! If you eat because you are lonely or depressed, go places where you can easily make friends! Seek the help of colleagues, friends and family to motivate and encourage you through this effort.

Remember - this journey may well be the most important thing you ever do in your life and it is not going to easy. Huge sacrifices will need to be made consistently if you really want to succeed.

3) Diets

Losing weight is really not rocket science. Like anything worth getting it takes time and effort. You do not need expensive 'advice', diet plans and supplements. For the vast majority of us, eat well and exercise and your weight will decline. For some it is as not as simple as this but the principle is the same - get advice, do the basics and the some weight will come off. 'I've tried everything and I can't lose weight' really doesn't cut it...

4) Surgery

If you choose Bariatric surgery, be my guest but I believe if you can walk, you can lose weight (see personal responsibility). This MUST be a last resort.

5) Relationship with Food

Your relationship with food is key to success or failure. Try to understand why you eat and what it is doing to you. Look at everything you eat clearly and judge whether you really need it. Train yourself to abstain from food when you are not hungry. Simply put, if you think it is a positive thing to eat the food you are looking at, eat it, if it isn't don't! It is as basic as that.

6) Weight monitoring

I weigh myself every morning of every day ALWAYS! I keep a spreadsheet of my weight with a trend line. The trend line is very important as this will stop you obsessing about daily fluctuations up and down but remember that weighing yourself daily will allow you quickly identify a slide and take corrective action before it becomes an avalanche! Have the courage to weigh yourself everyday and deal with it rationally.

6) Motivation

I weighed 270 pounds when I decided enough was enough. My motivation is totally driven and inspired by the sight of my 3 year old son standing at my grave when he is 13! This WILL NOT happen - I will do everything in my power to ensure I get fit and healthy to see him well into adulthood. This is the only motivation I need.

You can use anything as motivation, a target event (Marriage etc), a physical pursuit (jet skiing down the Limpopo...) or whatever. I needs to be something attainable and very real and important to you. This will help you stay true to your desire to lose the weight.

Whatever you do DO NOT reward yourself with 'goodies' when you have lost weight. You must change your relationship with food and break the food as reward cycle - this is totally destructive. Food is fuel, nothing more. It can be pretty, tasty and very enjoyable fuel, but ultimately it is still jus fuel. Treat it as such and you won't go wrong.

7) Keeping at the weight you want to be

This really is the journey without end. Once you have successfully overcome all the barriers to weight loss and got to your dream weight, what then? It's simple. Keep doing what you did to lose the weight but do it for the rest of your life! This is a life change of the most profound kind and will only succeed long term if you continue it forever. Scary I know, but that's the truth. Can you still have a blow out at Christmas? YES, but your life HAS changed and this new way of living must be maintained to ensure continued success.

This is working for me NOW! It can work for you.

Good luck with your weight loss and keep checking back here for updates on my journey and further inspiration!


Judy Callarman, Scrabble Has-Been said...

I think this statement is full of wisdom and good humor, and it is well written, besides--I am an English teacher, so I can pass judgment on such things. Good luck with your project. I see by your scale at the top that you have made progress!

One Man's Battle said...

I also enjoyed the manafesto. Some great ideas and thoughts. I particularly liked the idea on trending out your daily weight so you can see the progress vs. getting depressed when ever there is a fluctuation. Great job, and thanks for your comment on my blog. It great to know there are other men struggling to lose and be healthy

Rick Samuelson

Celeste said...

I have a friend that did the surgery. She had developed quite a few healthh problems. She is doing great. She did have 200 pounds to lose. She can walk again!
Me I am fat because I over eat and I have a couple of health problems. Working on allof it.

Jojo said...

We have the same mindset, you just write a whole lot better than me! Thanks for checking out my little blog, I'll be checking yours out more often, your great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

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