25 May 2007

The power of old coins...

Weight - 251.4 Lbs (-18.6)

Exercise - 45 minute fast walk in my lunch break, slow amble with the dog after dinner. No bike - continued buggeration!

The increase in my exercise has created it's first detrimental side-effect, my shins feel like some barking mad old lady has been kicking them in all night!- I am hoping that this will pass when I lose more weight and exercise more. If not, I may have to start swimming again but this means money (gym fees) and more time in the evening - double bugger!

So an 18.6 Lb loss so far (quite happy with that...) - I was hoping for 20Lb by Monday next but Saturday could go 'pear shaped' diet-wise as I have the choice of sitting through some 'very clever' computer animated 'kid-flick pun'o'rama' with 2 three year old boys going mentalist on food additives or going down the pub with my old mate Russell! Can you guess yet, well can ya, can ya?? I haven't really drunk much alcohol for the last month so whatever happens it's liable to be fairly interesting...!

I will be mostly trying to avoid 'bad' foods and minimising my alcohol intake - Rick at One Mans Battle had a similar experience recently and coped very well - I take inspiration from this!

So where does the coin come in then I hear you cry ?

Well, non-existent reader, this morning I was absent- mindedly perusing my small change when I noticed an odd looking coin - it is a 1942 Half Penny, yes 1942! It is the same colour and shape as a modern UK 2 pence piece so its identity has gone unchallenged so far...

Without getting too 'new age' about it, it does make you think where this coin has been and the pockets it has lived in over the last 65 odd years. Did it go to war? Maybe even liberated France in someones kit bag - who knows?

Links to the past such as this really fascinate me and really show our relative insignificance in the great scheme of things. People come and go but this coin has bumbled through time passing from person to person until it found me 65 years later.

I intend to keep it and use it as something to give to my son when he is 'of age' to keep as a link back to me and his own and his nations history. I don't know what he will make of that.... not much of an inheritance!

The coin reminds me that we in the west live in a time of huge comparative peace and prosperity, 1942 was a time of utter darkness throughout most of the world - thousands were suffering and dieing throughout Europe, North Africa and the Far East (it also reminds me that somethings never change....)

It reminds me that war is not always unjustified - sometimes it is the only solution (horrible though it undoubtedly is). It reminds me that we continue to ask the biggest of questions of our young men and woman in conflicts throughout the world - they continue to act with mostly unquestioning bravery and courage.

It also reminds that the darkest of days come just before the light. It reminds me that courage and perseverance are amongst the most important qualities a human being can have.

Finally, the coin reminds me that my weight loss journey is a tiny droplet in the vast ocean of the universe of human experience and I have no right to whinge and complain when things are not going my way.

Good luck to everyong on a journey - physical or emotional. Little steps each day.

If I remember, I'll upload a lovely picture of the coin later tonight - you're all getting excited already...I can tell!!


Celeste said...

Take care of your legs! You need them. I hope that this helpssome.

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The patient will complain of tightness/tenderness and sometimes throbbing pain along the the tibia that comes on with a specific activity (especially running) and often settles upon resting. Often, it will start like a dull ache but quickly becomes sharper and more aggravated.

Anterior tibial stress (shin splints) is often experienced by new runners or walkers when pain occurs in the anterior muscles of the shin during exercise. Posterior shin splints (medial tibial pain) is a more chronic condition occurring along the inside edge of the tibia and generally occurs with over-use related sports. Both conditions are related to excess stretching (traction) of soft tissue structures along the shin bones (tibia and fibula).

Excessive subtalar joint pronation and internal tibial rotation increase the medial tractional forces upon the deep flexors and extensors of the leg. This is a common factor in muscular overuse conditions and commonly exhibits secondary periosteal swelling due to tractional forces placed upon the soft tissue structures on the tibia and fibula.

Treatment of this condition initially involves rest, ice therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and taping. Soft tissue therapy and stretching and strengthening exercises will help loosen the tight structures. In conjunction to these treatments, Sports control orthotics are the most effective means of treating this condition.


• Stretching & strengthening of tibial muscles - sit on a chair and loop a weight around the ankle. Keep the leg straight and lift the foot up and down from the ankle.

• Calf muscle stretching.

Jojo said...

I can't wait to see the coin!
What a wonderful thought..where has it traveled that we have not is so many years? jojo

Anonymous said...

Please don't call me non-existent reader! I would have been here yesterday, but I have a cold! Just when I had started walking again (because of YOU), I come down with fever and sniffles. I'm allergic to exercise.

The story about the coin is delightful. I love your ponderings about it. Do keep it for your son, and make sure he has a copy of what you have written about it.
Keep up the good work.