3 Jun 2007

Back on track with added inspiration from Manuel Uribe!

Weight - 250.0 Lbs (-20 lbs)
Exercise - never slept so much in my life....

I am utterly shocked at the weight gain I managed in one night of excess (3.2 Lbs !!!) - it is always my aim to take a positive outlook from a negative situation and this is no exception. I managed to break one of my cardinal rules - not using food as a reward for diet success. It was a ridiculous thing to do and it has shown me graphically why I am not going to live that way anymore.

I am now fully 'back with the program' and have learnt a very valuable lesson about myself. On Monday I will start a strict 3 day fast following the guidelines laid down in Dr Ali's book (I aim to do this once a month from now on). You will be pleased to know that Dr Ali is a real doctor unlike some others (thanks for the reminder dietgirl...). I will return to this subject in the future, but I am infuriated by the barrage of rubbish that is on the market to supposedly help us lose weight - often, the actual primary purpose seems to be to help us lose money not weight!

Anyway and now for the inspiration, my old friend, Manuel Uribe is back in the news this week and it is a massive (no pun intended) reminder of what can be achieved through dedication and application. You can read and hear about his latest news here courtesy of the BBC in the UK.

Manuel has lost over 400 lbs without surgery - a remarkable feat by any standards and regardless of how he got where he is, he should be applauded for his achievements and provide inspiration for all of us on our weight loss journeys - big or small.

My next target remains a loss of 27 pounds (10% of my starting weight) - I have 7 pounds to go and I intend to do this before I go on holiday at the end of June. Holiday...now there's a thing, France, mmmm what are they famous for? Oh dear.....


Anonymous said...

Guys probably have the same fluctuation of weight that women have. It's frustrating to have the weight go down and back up. If Manuel can do it, so can you! Keep thinking "holiday."