5 Jun 2007

Beau Geste and the attack of the Yorkshire Puddings

Weight - 246 Lbs ( -24lbs)
Exercise - too weak and feeble to even raise an objection...

Following the recent 'pie abuse', I have definitely climbed back on the wagon. My weight this morning is the lowest since beginning this journey. I have completed day one of my 3 day fast and feel great!

I felt like Beau Geste last night as I struggled to get to sleep due to the constant 'mirage' visions of food tantalizingly appearing before my eyes. Particularly graphic was the smell of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.......mmmmm, I think I'm having a relapse!.

My fast allows me fruit this morning (I managed to avoid preparing a bucket full!) and vegetables and Salad at lunchtime (yippee!)...

I will be restarting the exercise as well tonight to keep the weight coming off - not too much as I will probably keel over due to a lack of sugar...!

If you are thinking of fasting - think deeply before you do - it is not for everyone and you MUST consult a doctor before starting if you decide to go ahead. I am neither a doctor not a nutritionist so don't just take my word for it!

Controlled and strict fasting is good for the body and the soul. It allows your digestive system to relax and recover - natural healing processes begin to happen during this fasting period. If you find the hunger pangs difficult to cope with, take hot fruit teas when the hunger is at its worst and it will soon pass.

During the fast, slowly re-introduce non-citrus fruits, vegetables and salad during the second and third day and thereafter add protein in the following order : fish, eggs, white meat, red meat - this regime will ensure your digestive system has time to adapt and cope with the higher protein levels.

I am happy to go into further detail and provide recipes for the second the third days if anyone is interested - if so just shout through the letterbox!