7 Jun 2007

Blowing my own trumpet (ooh er missus!)...

Via technorati, I have just come across this post. Call it vanity, but it seems we (fatbloggers I mean) have some recognition out there!

Amongst the list of highlighted blogs is this little old one along with a few of my favourites as well - Bonita Gordita is there (as she should, her blog is a GREAT read - pop along and have a look if you get the chance).

Oh and the t-shirts and mugs are on sale - get 'em while their hot, they're lovely! All profits to the Dharamsala-or-Bust 2008 Asthma charity trek.

Fathers day is coming after all!

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Thank you and good-night.


Bonita Gordita said...

That's a cool-arsed blog, too, isn't it? Thanks for the kind words. You rock pretty hard yourself, Blokester :)

Keep on keepin' on, you inspire me.

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks BG - we all inspire each other, that's the great thing.

Laura N said...

I feel like I'm stalking you-- the new blogs I've visited b/c of Diet Girl, you have been there too! Anywhoo, I made it over to your site and look forward to reading more of you. It's an awesome site, and how cool you have T-shirts!

Also, The Grumpy Chair Dieter is on the Daily Apple list, and she's a friend of mine from Angry Fat Girlz. I don't think she knows she made the list, so I posted a comment to her that she did. Gosh, this internet world is just as small as the real world. Nutso, ain't it?

Best of big time luck with your pursuits.