11 Jun 2007

Denial is more than just a river in Africa it seems!

Weight - 245.6Lbs (-24.4)
Exercise - mind is becoming straighter - the plan is a' coming!

First off, a weekend update. These are my worst times as I now associate them with the mild possibility of a 'sniff' of wine (which continues to be my nemesis sadly) - I managed to get through Saturday 'dry' and had a couple of glasses of white with Sunday lunch to be social. In the process of typing this I realise that I am a stinking liar! I had a glass of red on Friday night (I think...) and definitely Saturday night....oh the shame of it!

Anyway, regardless of these weaknesses the weight has stayed fairly static over the weekend and I am happy with that as most of my best efforts are achieved during the week. The weekday lunchtime walking took a nose dive last week as my walking partner went on holiday (he seems he packed my motivation as well) but he is back today and now all systems are go!

I know that this next weight loss push will require a lot more physical effort from me and over the weekend, when i wasn't drinking and stuffing my face, I have been mulling over the Couch to 5K running programme. I have modified it slightly to extend the training period as I am starting off from under the couch (from a weight point of view if you know what I mean...).

I am a little concerned about running at the weight I am now (I have skinny chicken legs - see above) but we'll see how it goes... I will post a spreadsheet of my proposed fitness schedule as soon as possible if you're interested. In the meanwhile, if you are already considering following the standard Couch to 5K running programme then check out this resource that may help you graphically log your advancement through the program using a Java application that uses cookies to monitor how many sections of the programme you have completed (whatever the hell that means!). Have a look - whatever!

In a couple of weeks I will be in France for my holidays so I am planning a big push on the weight loss front to give me a 'buffer' for any excess on holiday (hopefully I can still keep to a minimum) but surrender monkeys or not, they do make the best cheese, bread and wine!

Today is a new day - we begin again refreshed!


Jojo said...

Your doing great, really. A lifestyle change takes time, and your doing fine. More movement is always good. Pay attention to your knees and do things gradually.
Get a heart rate monitor (greatest invention ever for losing weight). If ya want to know more about that, email me.
We are gonna get there! jojo
(p.s., the vote went great!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you found my Couch-to-5K checklist. I hope that people find it useful!

karoline in the morning said...

i'm cheering for you...and no, not from the sidelines..i'm workin' right beside you..



Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Hey, in France don't those gourment meals get served with very small portions? That might be a saving grace.