14 Jun 2007

Neglecting our children?

Weight - 244.8 Lbs (-25.2)
Exercise - fast walking for 45 minutes.

Hello everyone..

This is making fairly big news in the UK today (I guess it must be a slow news day!).

As you may or may not know (depending if you have been paying attention..) I am on this weight loss and fitness journey primarily for the benefit of my young son - he inspires me to do the right thing in every way imaginable.

I want him to grow up in the best environment I can possibly give him - I don't measure 'environment' in terms of how many PlayStations he has or where we go on holiday. I want to help him to be fit, active, happy and generally comfortable in his own skin. In short, equipped to lead a compassionate and meaningful existence. A big part of his well being is his diet (the correct use of this word by the way...).

Whenever I read about childhood obesity I would always immediately think that it is obviously bad parenting and they should be shown by the government how to feed their children properly. But is that it then, problem solved? Move on to world hunger and aids in Africa? Mmmm, maybe not!

I think we are all missing something vital here - children are taught through guidance AND example. It is all very well to tell the parents they are stupid and ask them to cook more veg and ram fruit down their kids throats...but that is only half the job.

Hopefully, a 10 year old child does not pee itself and flash its 'bit's at every opportunity like a certain 3 year old I know... why? Because we teach them through education and example - the child sees that we don't publicly drop our trousers at every chance we get (unless you happen to be George Michael that is) and grows to see this it as unacceptable behaviour.

Hang on in there, my point is slowing steaming into view...really!

We need to show our children how to eat and be active not just tell them - how much of what your parents told you actually sunk in? But I bet you talk like them, walk like them and (like it or not) have many of their attitudes and beliefs. This is because children mimic and adapt to the behaviour they witness.

We need to eat healthily and get fit to graphically demonstrate to our children the self-evident advantages of a good diet and exercise. We need to get involved with the educators of our children to ensure that the food they receive whilst in their care meets the highest standards we expect them to have at home.

Instead of blaming everyone from the government, to the schools to food manufacturers, it's time we as parents all stood up and took our own share of the responsibility for the welfare of our children.

Start them young and bring them up right - good food, self respect and an active lifestyle - this is the only way the obesity time-bomb will be diffused.....

Sermon over - carry on about your business!


Anonymous said...

You make a very good point. Modeling good behaviors, in many areas, is part of responsible parenting. You would think that most people are hip to the notion of what is good, what is not, etc. But it just ain't so.

Anonymous said...

I know it can very a rude shock to some - but I agree WE as parents have to set the example for our kids -- and stop putting all the blame on schools, microwaves, tv, or what ever. Telling a kid to eat veggies and be active isn't going to work if parents are taking them McDonald's five times a week, and setting them in front of tv all the time instead of going outside and actually playing WITH the kids.
**puts soapbox away**

you did such a good job in your post you don't me to keep preaching but it's a subject the just riles me up

Lady Rose

Jojo said...

I Love for J to see mommy running, or piling fresh asparagus on her plate, or, curled up reading again. Most important is teaching them to make the right choices, especially when they are not with us.

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