1 Jun 2007

Flying off the rails!

Weight - 247.6 Lbs (-22.4 Lbs )
Exercise - On reflection, I believe exercise to be highly overrated - sleeping is the new exercise (thanks Shelly)!

You may have noticed that -22Lbs is the most I have lost since this whole malarkey started - I celebrated this fact with a box (the shame of it!) of Waitrose 2005 Bordeaux Reserve - by god, it was good, but how weak is that! I compounded this dietary idiocy by buying a host of other delicacies that my waistline can ill-afford and tucking into my sons party leftovers..... treble bugger!

Oh well, at least I get the chance to post tonight as the consequence of the wine is this my dear sainted wife is fast asleep snoring like a proverbial wounded rhino on its last legs... every cloud has a silver lining I guess!

I didn't get a chance to catch up with many Thursday Thirteen participants this week but I will rectify that over the weekend. I think my list was a bit lame - I 'uum'd' and 'Ahhh'd' for ages and got precisely nowhere....must plan ahead!

Finally, thanks for all your comments, I have big but humble plans for this blog as a support mechanism for fat blokes who want to lose some weight so your encouragement is very appreciated - particularly, Shelly, JoJo and BG. Cheers!

And hey JoJo - don't let the side down this weekend - no beer 'n' 'dogs with those hairy bikers!



Anonymous said...

I can definitely agree sleep is the best exercise -- alas it's not a very good one hehehe I just got a fluidity thingy to exercise on, once if try it out I'll have a review. Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

I think that your support will be good. Don't be humble about your plans. Losing weight is just about the hardest thing to do. The table holds such tempting delights. You are going to get there, and you may take some folks with you. Quit cheating (at least you are honest about it!).

Jojo said...

Well, I controlled both the beer and dogs, it was the steak and cookies that finally won. Sigh.
FB, I gained 2 pounds! Sigh. I'm going to look at your fasting routine. I get so freaking grumpy when I fast, my family might just shove food into my mouth! Ha Ha.
Hugs, we will both be fine!