6 Jul 2007

Do not adjust your sets - Normal service is now resumed!

Weight - 245.4lbs (-24.6lbs).
Exercise - 8 minutes on the 'bike of doom'.

Sorry but the last few days have given over to alot of navel-gazing contemplation and chin rubbing pondering (see below) about all sorts of non-weight related stuff. I've got it out of my system now...for a while anyway!

I have been asked by Lizza at Weight Loss Tips to contribute an interview to their site. I will post the questions and my answers tonight to give you all (ha ha and thrice ha!) a sneak preview!

Also, LISTEN UP Chris, the shoes are definitely getting used tomorrow - THE RUNNING WILL BEGIN! I may even post a picture just to prove it...

I will also be dishing out some Thinking Blogger Awards over the weekend as I have neglected to pass the baton on passed to me some time ago by Karoline.

The wife is out tonight which means I will be able to carryout some unfettered meandering through the blogosphere tonight. Expect a visit, so put the kettle on, tea - milk, no sugar would be nice. Ta!


Anonymous said...

Well, I would have the kettle on...but you are going to have to run pretty fast to get across The Pond without sinking, Nigel. If YOU run tomorrow, I'll go for a walk. See, you can help me by running. Don't you want to help a little old lady cross the street?

Oh, no! The insidious word verification says "ozbbq!" Is that French for "Oh the barbecue?" I gotta go eat so I have the energy to walk tomorrow.

Rebecca said...

Yes...I have been lurking. I find you to be very witty. ;)You make me smile. Thanks!