13 Jul 2007

Plateau officially busted?

Weight - 243.4 (-26.6)
Exercise - day off yesterday to let my shins recover (back to normal today!).

I am at my lowest weight since starting my weight loss project - this is both surprising and not surprising, I'll explain..

Firstly, I am surprised due to the visit to Buddies yesterday and succumbing to the temptation of an 8oz chilli hamburger, coleslaw and fries!! - I did have a bottle of water with it though - does that make it OK??? Yet another example of the Beef Wellington Diet - it seems the worse I eat, the more weight I lose... Now that's a diet that would sell! Ker-ching!

I am not surprised due to my much increased exercise - the running is beginning to work (if the shins hold up - thanks for the advice AB) - and I still do some power walking most weekdays.

Thanks for all your recent encouraging messages by the way - I have been very remiss recently in not replying. I will rectify this over the weekend and come and see everybody!

Finally, shameless plug, I have decided to move my photographs and Wordless Wednesday participation to another site over at Wordpress (thought I would dip my toe in and see what WP's all about). I am having a few 'issues' with uploading images via ImageShack but feel free to go across and have a look - there is a limited number of pictures at the moment but I will be updating this also over the weekend.


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