7 Jul 2007

Remember where you were when you heard the news...!

The pose is due to pure exhaustion but crikey, will you just look at them there shoes!

Just as when John F Kennedy was shot (my father was in the bath when it was announced on the radio by the way if you're interested...), remember where you were when I started running. Yes, ladies and gentlemen your eyes are not on strike, I said 'WHEN I WENT A RUNNIN'!'

These truly are the most momentous of times, I presently feel a mixture of elation, foreboding and utter 'knackered-ness' (mmm..., new word me thinks..) - really pleased as I have finally got off my ample backside and started the physical side of this journey, foreboding due to the frankly astonishingly, mind-bogglingly piss-poor level of my fitness (sorry, cat lovers but there really is no other term worthy of it) and finally finishing up with borderline respiratory failure for my trouble!

So I have offically started my own 10 week fitness plan ( it's loosely based on the Couch to 5K programme) and its now full steam ahead....


Finally, Shelly I believe it is your turn now! :)


Jenny said...

Go FatBloke, GoFatBloke!

Congrats and have fun!

Chris H said...

Go dude!!!! You won't know yourself once you get fit!!! It's an AWESOME feeling to be doing something that was physically IMPOSSIBLE just a while ago!!! Go FatBloke.... go FatBloke.... one day we will be saying "go skinny... go skinny" !!! Yeee haaaaa.

Chris H said...

Ha ha, I know what "munted" means mate, use that word here too. Did I say, you got nice looking legs too, kinda goes with the cool as shoes! And I ain't flirting with ya, just stating a fact ok!

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks you two.

Don't mention the legs! When i was younger (and slimmer) I have a fourite pair of levis that I lived in and 'puffa' jackets were in - I was spotted in town by a friend of mine and she thought I resembles a 'stuffed chicken' - I have been cursed with skinny legs all my life!

Thanks for the encouragement. I am off again for a run tonight.

See ya.

Jojo said...

FB, Look at you Dude! You look SO much like a runner! I am very, very proud to return to meet the new FB!
Now, let's run to the store and get you some little shorty socks (yes, I'm gonna play fashion queen for a moment) and you will be set!
I have missed you!