10 Jul 2007

Something clicked inside my head today...

Steady people, I'm not about to go 'Postal' on you!

The whole running thing hit me like a wet kipper in the face today. I suddenly realised what I had been missing for so long. I feel sort of reborn (whoa, wha-whooooaa - not that way!!) - physically reborn if you will. I'm not explaining this very well...stay with me.

I ran properly for the first time on Saturday and felt utterly terrible - if I was a cat I would definitely have lost several of my lives. I followed my version of the Couch to 5K instructions to the letter - it was hot but not THAT hot so whilst I felt really happy I'd started, I really struggled to think I cold ever get where I want to be (fitness wise that is).

That was, until yesterday...WHAM! My wife runs a lot you see (she is out now running as it happens - doing @10K with her running club). Sorry to go off on a tangent, but they go down the pub after running - what's all THAT about eh? Bizarre.. Anyway, back to the plot...

Yesterday I went running again as I say - this is my official start of the C25K programme (Saturday was a dry-run), my wife came with me to keep me honest and as soon as I started running, she said 'You run fast!' - 'Me? Fast, uh?' It then dawned on me that on Saturday I had gone running as if to escape my own homicide, not as if to get exercise! D'oh!

I now know I need to pace myself and follow the programme, but I am actually itching to go running tonight! I am gob-smacked. Up until today, I would have rather eaten my own ear-fluff than go for a jog...Look at me now Ma!


Chris H said...

YEP you are mad, I take my hat off to anyone who goes running/jogging! It is totally beyond me why I would want to run, I never have wanted to, never will probably... unless running from me own homicide I suppose! I simply don't like it, I'd rather walk 20 miles than jog 100 metres! WEIRD but true. I have added you to me Google Reader list, so I don't miss any of your posts.... how's that!

Anonymous said...

I have been readng a book on Chi Walking -- they have one for Chi Running to.

It has really gotten me more interested in more walking, combining the "energy" aspect and transformative aspect of walking in balance and from the core

Way to go on being "reborn"! :)

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks for you comments.

I know I am mad Chris, you don't need to tell me that....lol!! I love walking too - I go every lunchtime for 40 minutes fast walking - love it!

As for Chi walking,I will look into this as it sounds very intriguing! Thanks Lady Rose.

Thanks for popping by.

Jenny said...

Isn't it great to be validated by the Spouse? The first time I had my husband hold mitts while I hit, he said "Wow, you can PUNCH", and I've never been happier.

More importantly, how fabulous that you're enjoying it so soon. Great, great.xdemmp

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks AB.

I know exactly what you mean! I went for a run tonight as well but shins were playing up - I kept going though!

Laura N said...

Take it from someone who's done the C25K program, too--the longer the runs, the slower you'll want to go. It's killer to have to slow down to make the the milage, but until you get a base built (in your heart, lungs, and legs) you just can't do fast + distance.

That is, unless you have some magic running gene that I am not aware exists, and then by all means, rock it to the moon, baby!

Best of luck running--it will kick your weight loss into high gear.

Jenny said...

Shin splints are not fun, but it happens. It almost made me stop jump roping until someone told me it's just my muscles catching up to the other muscles. Ice them, that helps. And go easy.

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