3 Jul 2007

The Beef Wellington diet strikes again.....!

Weight - 245.2 Lbs (-24.8)
Exercise - mostly chewing and swallowing.....

Well, back from France and feeling like Mr Creosote....

After much soul-searching and navel gazing, I finally got the courage to weigh myself this morning. After a week of total dietary abuse of quite simply OLYMPIC proportions, I was staggered to find that I had only gotten 1.2lbs heavier - yes ladies and gentlemen, one point two pounds (i.e. less than a kilo if you happen to be French or something)!!!

First thought, temporary cheese and wine induced blindness maybe? Re-weigh, once, twice, ...three times. Ummm...Second thought, call for back-up, wife requested to read the figures. Ummm...Third thought - Sabotage, those nasty 'Alkayeedah' boys have been messing with my 'scales of doom' (hey, it could happen...).

Finally, the cloak of disbelief began to rise like the early morning dew and there was great joy throughout the land. Clearly blessed are the cheese-makers....(that ones for you Phil).

So the question that now arises is how in the name of Christendom did I manage to achieve this feat through the ancient ritual art of Gallic fromage related abuse (the true scale of which I fell unable to fully share at this time...maybe when I know you better..) ?

This, by way of illustration is an indication of my daily diet...red wine, bread, olive oil, cheese...HAVE IT! (I did manage to avoid eating the mobile phone by the way - only just though....)

I am mostly very confused.... this is even weirder than the Beef Wellington Diet!

I am afraid the shoes remain pristine and in their box (I tried I tell you, I really did!!). This week is it - I will start running this week - I WILL!

Thus concludes episode one of Fat Bloke - The Road Trip. More later


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fun time - and cool that scale is being kind!

Chris H said...

I just hope the scales don't catch up with your wickedness NEXT week mate! Derrrr. You are a twit, put those bloody shoes on and get jogging!!!!

Kek said...

Now that sounds like MY kind of diet - bread,wine, cheese, olives...

As for the scales, just be grateful for petit mercies.

Anonymous said...

What about those jogging shoes? When are you going to try them out? So glad you didn't eat the cell phone. The stomach rumbling is one thing, ringing another. Glad to see you back and that you had a good time.

FatBlokeThin said...

Thanks everyone!

The jogging shoes nearly got christened tonight when I got home from work but the heavens opened and I don't look good in a wet T shirt!! Lol!

The time is nearly right...you'll be the first to know when it happens!