21 Jul 2007

Why 'Special K' is NOT so special after all....

I just came across this great post about Special K advertising and had to share it..I found it via Crankybee's great blog. Visit if you get a chance.

This is a very thoughtful article and really made me consider the almost subliminal negative messages in some advertising - my total rejection of the 'diet industry' is well documented and this is a CLASSIC example of what is wrong with them.

The promotion of self-loathing and the implication that some 'franken-cereal' can somehow make everything better is insulting at best, and at worst damaging to vulnerable overweight people.

If this seems like an over-sensitive reaction to some innocuous looking advertising, this must be viewed as part of a complete landscape of negative images of fat people and 'fatness' in general through-out every type of media, in practically every single culture.

I certainly don't subscribe to the notion that Fat Rocks (not sure whether this is meant to be a joke - if it is, it ain't funny and you need to get out more my friend, and you might stop being such a gold plated freak...) - being fat kills people - FACT! Encouraging people to loath their bodies PREVENTS people from dealing with their weight - FACT! The 'diet industry' is a 40 BILLION DOLLAR business in the US alone and most people do not successfully reduce their weight over a long term using these costly options - FACT!

Everyone trying to lose weight must reject these types of emotional blackmail and resist the idea that we are freaks for not fitting in - be happy with yourself and plan your positive development - don't let some 'suit' tell you you can't go out 'cause you are too fat.

We can get thin - they cannot grow a brain! Who's going to win this race?


Chris H said...

"Fat Rocks".... she is only 14!!! I think she's a nutter, or a stirrer, or both. I think she's just trying to 'get a bite' from as many people as possible, silly person. Possibly not even a kid but an adult shit stirrer. It takes all sorts in this world I suppose. Sad but true.

Kristi said...

I have been enjoying your blog since day one.Immensely!!! This morning I was laughing out loud before your pg was fully loaded. "Why Special K is Not so Special" hee hee, because it tastes like cardboard, no cardboard has more flavor. We do not need to eat tasteless flakes (c_ _ p) floating in skim milk to lose weight! Of course your thought were much more insightful than mine, but I'm sure you can relate. Keep up the great health changes, your family and you are SO worth it. Keep up the terrific blogging me and many are receiving much encouragement from it!

FosterAbba said...

I don't care much for their advertising either, but I have to admit, I like the Special K cereal with the dehydrated strawberries.

But I don't pay much attention to advertising. I don't buy magazines, I watch very little TV (and what I do is off the DVR, so I can fast-forward through the commercials), so I miss a lot of the mainstream advertising.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Special K is not so special because if you eat it the way they want you to eat it you will get diarrhea. Sorry, I "bit into" it, so to speak. I love your message, and agree wholeheartedly. Who's going to win this race? Well, I'm going to have to put down the cherry ice cream.

This Eclectic Life

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