3 Aug 2007

The black dog has passed.....

Weight - 244 (-26lbs)
Exercise - loads (eh?, how does that work...)

Well, thanks for all the shouting through the letterbox recently, you'll be pleased to learn that I'm not slumped in a crusty armchair decomposing with a half-eaten pizza balancing on my chest and the TV blaring away to itself. I'm not feral cat-fodder quite yet!

I have however been 'proper out of sorts' this last week, without the decency to have a particularly good reason either, but then black dogs seldom need a reason...anyway that was then and this is now (hhmmm, name the eighties popster that sang that, answers on a postcard to the usual address...).

Sadly I must point out, the only thing I share with my hero, Winston Churchill is his propensity for 'black dog days' - more's the pity...

Right, the reason I started this whole malarkey was a lady called Pam - she is the Asthma nurse I see every month or so and she is also the lady that metaphorically kicked me out of my slumber and made me determined to lose weight and get fit. I saw her yesterday, and more than anything, she is the reason I am posting today.

It's a fairly obvious given that our achievements are usually best judged by others and she did not let me down...she was delighted to see that I had lost around 30 pounds and that my Asthma symptoms were improving. Some days it's just really hard to see how far I have come when I'm too damn busy looking to see how far it is to go....(blimey, that deserves a T shirt..).

One of the more obvious effects of obesity is raised blood pressure and I was shocked back in April to learn that I had very high blood pressure as this had never been a problem before.

In April my BP was 145/93

In May my BP was 135/98

Yesterday my BP was 119/86

I don't have the first idea what the hell these figures mean but its lower, so that's good, isn't it??

My wife and son have been out of town for the last 3 days and as normal, my diet self control went with them. I have been fairly good on the food but I have had a bottle of wine each night (my nemesis along with crisps and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil... - damn I'm hungry!!!!).

Also we are off to visit family for the weekend and they are incredibly generous hosts so I will struggle to avoid the vino there as well, I am resigned to putting everything on hold until Monday and then it's time to be deadly serious.

Anyway, I have nearly gotten every ones starting weight so I will be 'kicking ass and taking names' for the weight loss challenge tonight with an e-mail to everyone in the game. I'm sorry it has hiccuped before it really began but I'm back on it today and for the rest of the year.

No Buddha quotes today, as one of my jobs to do whilst the 'boss' was away was to sort out the figurative mountain of letters, documents and bills etc that needed filing... amongst them all was a very interesting little booklet that I had completely forgotten I had.

It is Dale Carnegie's Golden Book - and in it he lists some of the most obvious and simple techniques to stop worrying and to start living - so obvious that I (and most of humanity) had forgotten all about them....

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Dale Carnegie.

I will try and visit all of you soon who have left comments and e-mailed me over the last few days - thank-you for your friendship!


Cynthia Rose said...

You are definitely getting healtheir every day - what an improvement! **three cheers** :)

We all get in a slump sometimes. Most of mine happen for no apparent reason *shrugs* -- my advice is keep your head, carry on, and eventually you come out the other side.

Dale Carnegie definitely has some tidbits of wisdom.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

AndyC said...

Great news on the BP - that was one of my motivations for lowering my weight.

You said "I don't have the first idea what the hell these figures mean but its lower, so that's good, isn't it??"

Yes, it's good.

The first number - technically called the systolic pressure is basically the peak of pressure during the "thump" of the heartbeat. The second number is the low point between the beats, or diastolic pressure.

The second number is the one to worry about. 70=good, 80=careful, 90=borderline on medication.

FatBlokeThin said...

Lady rose - you telepathic?? I'm sure you commented before I'd finished the post!!lol! Thanks for the comments, things are much brighter today.

IWBO - thanks for the explanation, she started going on about the tides when I asked at the doctors and I just switched off! Doh! I see I am not out of the woods but going in the right direction is good.

karoline in the morning said...

good better best, never let it rest, until the good becomes the better and the better becomes the best...

you are doing wonderfully! remember...living is about the technical difficulties....



Celeste said...

I can relate to the black dog. Glad you are better

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lower blood pressure. I've always had good pressure, but high BP runs in my family so I'm afraid of it going up!


Cory said...

You've made some awesome progress!!! Your BP is awesome. That's a fantastic change in it. Keep up the fantastic work.
I just realized that I never sent you my starting weight. I'll get that sent this morning.

Jenny said...

Hello! You're back. GREAT news on the lowered BP. Fabulous.

fitbizuk said...

Hey, first visit to your blog, and wow, congratulations on the BP. That is a fantastic achievement.

What it means is you've gone from hypertensive and at increased health risk of all sorts of nasties, to normal.

Like iwbo said, the bottom number (the diastolic) is on the upper end of normal, but it is still classed as normal.

If you think of your circulatory system as hosepipes running through your body, taking blood to all the various bits, your heart has to pump to pump that blood through there.

If your arteries get furred up (atherosclerotic) they tend to harden (think of the old hosepipe getting hard and less flexible) and don't distend as easily when blood comes through. This increases the pressure inside the pipe. Also, the pipes narrow due to all the furring (plaques), making it more difficult to get stuff through, so the heart has to work harder.

The systolic BP (top number, now 119) is the maximum pressure when your heart has just contracted and sent out fresh blood through system. The diastolic BP (bottom number, now 86), is at the low point, just before the heart beats again. This is an indication of your BP at 'rest' if you like.

Any number of things are likely to up your BP, including exercise, smoking, caffeine, even talking, but you will see greater changes in the 'active' or systolic BP. The reason you need to worry when your diastolic is high is that this means even at 'rest' your system is so bunged up that blood can't get through easily.

Some of those plaques bunging up your arteries could break off and get carried on with the blood. This could cause a stroke, or a heart attack, depending on where they get stuck further down the pipeline.

That's why those numbers are important, and that's why what you have achieved is so fantastic. You've reversed your risk. Well done and keep up the good work.


(My blog: http://blubberbegone.wordpress.com)

Anonymous said...

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