8 Aug 2007

FBT Challenge update

Right then, phasers on stun, the e-mail is out to all participants.

If you want to be involved in the challenge and you DID NOT receive an e-mail a few hours ago, either I don't have your e-mail or I'm stooopid or sumfink!

If you want to get involved, e-mail me (address in LH side bar) with the following information :-

1. URL of blog (if you have one, you DO NOT need one to participate).

2. Your e-mail address for updates etc.

3. Your starting weight in pounds , kilos or stones.

Below is the e-mail sent to today to all registered participants, this should answer any outstanding questions. If not, let me know!

Basic challenge rules.

Anyone can submit their starting weight at any time to join the challenge.

Weights can be submitted in either pounds, Kilos or stones.

Weight loss (gain?) will be judged by %age of weight lost NOT poundage - this will even out every ones performance regardless of starting weight.

Weight updates must be submitted by e-mail to me BEFORE 12.00hrs GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) each Monday.

Each Monday by 23.00hrs GMT after submission the blog http://www.fatblokethin.co.uk/ will be updated with the 5 biggest losers for that week and special mentions for anyone else that takes my fancy..(i.e anyone consuming a large piece of furniture by accident etc). The biggest loser will receive a trivial and probably quite insultingly tacky prize of my choosing.

On the First Monday of each month, the blog update will include a list of ALL participants and their respective weight loss performance. The biggest loser on these occasions will receive a marginally less tacky prize of my choosing.

First weigh in.

Now I have (nearly every ones) initial weight - the games have begun. As only a very few of you have given me Monday weigh-ins this week, I propose to begin the challenge with the first official weight loss weigh in on Monday 13th August 2007.

Please e-mail me before 12.00hrs GMT on that and each subsequent Monday.

Kirk out!


john - from fat to fit said...

What the heck, I am in!

Martalu said...

FBT! I'm in Seattle right now, so I can't e-mail you, but I can leave you a comment with my weight this morning...170. *hangs head in shame* I'll be doing lots of walking, though, so watch out!

Anonymous said...

I just sent you an e mail. Also, I hope you don't mind but I blogged about your challenge on my blog (also linked you) and posted about your challenge on a Health and Fitness message board I belong to.

I'm so excited!