29 Aug 2007


Weight - 242.3Lbs.
Exercise - 45 minute cardio workout Saturday & Tuesday

I have just stumbled upon this blog. Please take a look - you will NOT be disappointed.

Wow! Tony started at around the high 280's and is now at 239. His goal is 220lbs (nice to see a realistic goal that has nothing to do with BMI - very refreshing). His journey appears to have a very similar genesis to mine - a revelation of our own weight and how it will affect the relationship with our children.

What really shocked and impressed me was the difference in his appearance in photographs from Christmas 2006 and by contrast, now. Blimey!

Don't get me wrong, I am genuinely REALLY happy for Tony and feel really motivated by his efforts but I can't help thinking 'why don't I look that different' - lol!

Sure, he has lost a bit more weight but I have lost around 30 pounds and it has mostly disappeared off my already bony arse and legs (I realise I am built all wrong and that is never going to change, but we are the same damn height and near enough the same damn weight and he looks SO much better than I do) .

I know I have lost weight, I feel so much better and maybe it's vanity, but I wished I LOOKED better (NOT better , I mean Thinner).

Fat is BAD, thin is GOOD - no STOP it, call the acceptance police, quickly!!!

I'm only half joking, we all have our pride and a big part of motivation (for me anyway) is seeing noticeable changes in my body (size of manboobs, belt overhang etc) - in fact, it has been so long since I lost any weight that I really am starting to question whether I can do this.... :(

Well I was, until I read Tony's blog! Bring it on - the man boobs are history!


Tony said...

Ah vanity! The great motivator. It's one of the big things that got me started on this journey... and I have to say I do spend a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror and comparing what I see to old photos.

Thanks for the kind words. As for why my appearance has changed so much... I firmly believe it's the exercise. I have been pretty religious about walking at least 2 miles a day for the last 3 months and now that I have added a daily strength routine, I have really started to notice a difference.

Good luck to you in your continued quest.

I actually blame England for the beginning of my downfall. I lived in England for a few years (Birmingham and Camberwell)and ate chips 3 or 4 times a day. Just thinking about it makes me salivate!