30 Aug 2007

Mrs Fatbloke lives to tell the tale!

Well, 5k in around 29 minutes (slightly off world record pace maybe but impressive never the less) - full results and times haven't been published yet but we think she finished about 85 out of 200 ish so well in the top half!

So, if you needed any incentive NOT to go running tomorrow, here is a before and after comparison of the good Mrs FB clearly demonstrating that there are better things to be doing than running around a lake (only joking, I started screaming at her down the back straight to go faster, bless her!!).

Next is a 10K for Cancer Research at the end of September 07 - then it's straight to the Olympics in 2012!! Get in there!

Before the ordeal!

After the application of intravenous Evian....


Chris H said...

Way to go Mrs FBT !!!! Intravenous, don't give me intravenous!!!!!

Jojo said...

Great Job!! That's about how fast I run too, so she is in good company!! ;-)

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Good for "Mrs. Nigel" (I still refuse to say "fatbloke!". You aren't going to be one.

Proud of her for running, and for such a good cause.

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