12 Aug 2007

Not dead, just thinking!

This weekend is turning into a never ending round of parties and excitement. Thanks for the e-mails and comments. I WILL answer them all as soon as I can and the first weigh in the FBT challenge is tomorrow!

I will be migrating the challenge stuff to a new blog (on blogger)soon - everyone will get a link if you participate and all the weight loss info and stats will be there in one place. I think this is the best way to get the community going. I will let everyone know when this is done. This challenge has never been about bringing traffic to this blog, its about community and supporting each other!

Good luck everyone and speak soon.

Shelly, the book post is coming by the way, I bought some today (Buddha, Rwandan Genocide and Churchill - I sure know how to throw a book party...)!?*


Jenny said...

Happy Monday! I like Blogger, but not everyone does.

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