28 Aug 2007

Weigh in results - NOW HEAR THIS!

Righto, without further ado.....(drum roll)..the winners of this weeks FatBlokeThin weight loss challenge!

Laura N - another sterling effort from Laura giving her a massive 4.2% weight loss so far!!

Mr Fat - no change this week for Mr F but still basking in previous glories - 3.3%!

Celeste - no change this week either for C, so holding station at 3.2%...watch out Mr Fat!

Tigerlilly - poor Tigerlilly, a little increase but still in the hunt at 2.8% lost so far!

Kathleen Crowley No Blog - another great loss this week, now with an overall loss of 2.2%

Well done everyone and especially to Laura who continues to show us all how it should be done! Get in there (as they say where I come from, well I do anyway....)!!

Remember it's only one week to go to the first ever Monthly FBT weight loss weigh in!!! I have lots of special things planned for this occasion and more will be revealed soon!

Finally, Please commiserate with 2 of my most loyal and supportive blogger-buddies, Jojo and ChrisH - If I had an excess of wooden spoons to hand, they would be in the care of FedEx as we speak...

Jojo has been on holiday (we all know what happens there, don't we?) and now leads the bottom of the list (can you lead at the bottom? hmmmm...) with a 3.9% increase! Sorry to blow the whistle but this is about encouragement, right??

And Chris, well what can I say? A full blown detox diet and got herself a 1.7% increase! As she so eloquently put it, 'you do the math?'

So, until next week, remember this is about %age weight lost since the first time you weighed in for the challenge so if you forgot this week or you haven't weighed in since you got all excited and told me you were joining in, you can STILL send me your weight next week for the big monthly 'weigh-a-thon' - everyone is welcome and 'you have to be in it to win it!'


Jojo said...

This was a fresh start for me. After a month of waffleing, and a 2 week sabatical, I'm ready!
"Weight" till you see next week!!
Hugs and keep losing!

Laura N said...

Weight loss is so tricky! If today had been weigh in, I'd be up a pound from yesterday's weight, which was my all time low on this latest weight loss endeavor. I'll be back down soon, I hope. Before you know it!

You go JoJo!!

Thanks FBT for keeping track of the weights and for interesting posts!!

AndyC said...

I started writing a comment on this, and it turned into a whole blog post:


Celeste said...

I did nopt figure on being in the top with a 0 weight lose.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand something and please forgive my ignorance but is the challenge not how much you lose from week to week but how much you've lost TOTAL since the beginning of the challenge? Is that how somebody can have no loss yet still be in the top 5 losers?

*scratches head*

FatBlokeThin said...

Hi Sarah,

That's exactly right. NO matter when you join and when yuo update me, everyone can join in. It's about %age weight loss over the weeks and months not straight poundage per week - I'm sorry if this has not beem made clear.

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