26 Apr 2008

April fool on me - Back by popular demand (ish) !!

Well, its been a while, I'll grant you that and reading my previous post, everything has changed and nothing has really changed. I'll explain...

On April 1st (how poetic!) I weighed in at 254.4Lbs (yes, really!) - that's only around 10lbs down on my starting weight just over a year ago!! This morning I am 245Lbs (I have been 241 as recently as last Monday but I am struggling again at the moment) - the call of the grape (both red and white varieties) grows ever stronger like a call to arms! I am sure I should have been born French (I have the nose already so that's a start I suppose...).

This recent wake-up call led me to my latest weight loss torture - 'death by fruits of all nations' - this unsurprisingly involves consuming so much fruit you begin to hallucinate cake,bread and biscuits. By crikey it works though, but the side effects are fairly troublesome and mostly ruinously anti-social. I did lose 14 pounds in as many days though, but keeping up this regime is harder than a big box full of REALLY hard things all wrapped up with tape with a label that says REALLY REALLY HARD STUFF INSIDE!!

My plan now is to keep up this fruit and water torture (no boards involved Donald you little tinker) during the week and try and minimise my exposure to NICE THINGS (i.e. bad stuff I really like) to small doses at the weekend. Hopefully this will put me back on track.

Don't get me wrong, I like fruit, some I could stretch to love if they looked at me in the right way over a candle-lit dinner but however affectionate they are, most fruits are not naughty enough to be interesting (unless they are dipped in chocolate obviously)!

Sadly I do not have time for a more in depth meander through my head at the moment but save to say that Buddha is still in there along with the usual mess of other tat from daily life. I will post again soon - PROMISE!. Many stories to tell from me and Mrs Fatbloke - stay tuned.



Chris H said...

Nice to see you are still around dude.... good luck with the fruit. Might even try some of the evil stuff myself!

Anonymous said...

Well, ten pounds off is ten off - I say good for you! Stay the course and best of success to you!

Anonymous said...

I agree -- ten pounds is a lot! Way to go and keep in trucking, you'll get there!

Unknown said...

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