16 May 2008

Its official, ITS ALL MY FAULT!


Just look at this....

ps - where do they get off using a picture of me without my permission!!?

pps - yes I DID shoot JF Kennedy...that was me too!

More about this when I calm down a bit....


Andrew is getting fit said...

Wow! Write to them and see what they say.

Chris H said...

Hells Bells, I fink they missed the part about obese people needing bigger clothes... even more draining on the world's resources... and what about the fact that we take up more room in a plane? a car? so it costs more to transport us??? Hell you could go on and on.... Friggin Wankers who wrote that article!!!! Where do they get off accusing obsese people for the world's ills??? Lets NOT mention the drug users, alcoholics, murderers, people in prison... bla bla bla... and lets not forget the bloody cows! They fart too much and produce far too much methane gas in the environment... lets kill them all!!!! Rant over.

Anonymous said...

This is the first really FUNNY weight loss blog entry I have stumbled across.

I am a brand new blogger. Can't say my blog is likely to have that many laughs in it -- more like the usual tale of woe, how I was stupid enough to end up weighing over 300 lbs and what I'm now going to do about it. (Oh yeah and a few bits and bobs about my childhood and negative body image, that kind of stuff.)

I also like Chris's rant above -- yeah, just blame us lard arses for EVERYTHING why don't you, Mr Media !!!

Anonymous said...

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Double Strollers said...

Love your progress so far. 13 pounds is pretty good. Keep it coming. That's one HAIRY tummy by the way. ^_^

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