4 Jul 2008

The same old same old...

Well, so much for the "post every week on a Monday", "never be this weight again" tush! Yada yada yada... I am boring myself now!

Anyway, this is how it is people - hear his.

As of this morning I weigh 247.2 Lbs - duh! This is not as bad as it sounds though. On the 17th June I was 251.8 lbs (Double Duh with sprinkles on!).

For various reasons (some really good and others downright lame..) I have not be able to get to the gym as often as i would like this week. yes dear reader, I said G Y M. Yes, really!

The whole Biggest Loser tv-fest is getting me in the zone for change (Sky TV are showing the whole season of Biggest Loser Couples with an episode each night! This is like self inflicted Chinese water torture for fat people! I love it - the tears, the rows, the unadulterated schmaltz of it all, God Bless NBC ! That last bit was a joke by the way - sarcasm in fact).

Seriously, I AM motivated by this as I see real (life-changing) development in people that previously believed it to be impossible (as I do/did) - it all boils down to how much you are willing to do to get it - it's not enough to want it really bad you have got to expect and accept the incredible mental and physical tornado that will hit you. This is a BIG lesson for me.

I am there - in the zone, ready to change and at the moment I am frustrated that I cannot get to the gym as often as I would like. For 2 days this week I was without a car as Mrs FBT's wagon was being MOT'd and to top it off, my Gym is at an hotel/spa complex that is very close to the Silverstone GP circuit so with the British Grand Prix this weekend, it is bedlam to say the least - I will be back on Monday to start again!

America - next time you see me I'll be on the front cover of FatBlokes International (swimsuit edition). Yuk!