21 Aug 2010

Love your nuts!

Well, I did promise updates - as of this morning I weigh 260.4lbs - down from a start of 280lbs so just shy if the 20lb mark.

This is a brief update - I will let you know more soon.

As for the nut thing - my diet now includes more nuts than I ever thought possible - more of that later too.

Only 60lbs to go!

8 Aug 2010

Much lost, much gained...

As the title of this post suggests the past 2 years have been eventful to say the least. Since my last post, I have managed to lose two parents, a dog and a job ...

I have however gained more dogs, a new job and sadly a considerable amount of weight..

Ah, the weight. So what is it you ask? Well, let's start at the beginning......

The last time I ventured onto this blog was way back in July 2008 - 2 long years ago. At that time I was fairly disgusted to be 247Lbs - well ladies and gentlemen, not 1 month ago I weighed in at 279lbs! Just shy of my traditional ‘tipping point’ of 20 stone (280lbs).

This has at last shocked me into action and I am quietly confident that my time has come - my time to get the job done that is. So what is different this time? Good question well presented

I FEEL different about the whole thing, that’s for sure - I have run out of excuses NOT to sort myself out. I am now exercising more than I have ever done in my life (twice a day most days) and I am following a wheat, gluten and dairy free diet very rigorously. On top of all this I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer - maybe an extravagance to some but he provides the willpower boost and motivation to push me beyond anything I have ever done before. He could very well be saving my life...

All this has meant I have lost around 14 pounds in 5 weeks and this morning weighed in at 266lbs.

My next target is 247lbs and then the game begins again - I am not looking back though and positive thought is going to push me on to achieve an even greater goal - 200lbs! I am in no hurry and am not going to set any ridiculous timescales - I will do it and it will be done when it is done.

I am back and this time I really mean it. Yeah, I know I have said that before but TRUST me, this time it is going to work!

Please comment if you feel the urge but please don't try and sell me your diet pills or your get thin quick websites etc as I am not interested. Losing weight is about effort and application in both physical expenditure and dietary control - nothing more, nothing less.

There are no shortcuts and the walk starts here....

I will try to update once a week from now on to let everyone (?!) know how I am getting on.